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Artist Residency at Witte Rook.

  • Witte Rook 111 Liniestraat Breda, NB, 4816 BG Netherlands (map)

In July I start with a work period at WKNDX, an experimental program of Witte Rook. In a working period of two weeks, young artists are challenged to deepen their research that manifests itself in a presentation. This presentation is from 27 (7:30 PM) to 29 July.

The plan I am working on during WKNDX has both a social and a cultural relevance. It is an investigation into (small) places in the urban landscape that nature has taken over. The urban noise has fallen away in these places and an almost meditative silence has arisen where visitors no longer have to deal with the daily hustle and bustle of our lives.

I want to investigate these quiet places, can people experience this silence when they are here and how can I best present this experience in an artful way? I want to convey the experience of these places to my audience. To really bring them into contact with the silent message of these places.

The social relevance of this project is about the so-called decay of the city. The places that I consider to be of potential high value are often places that people walk past carelessly or with contempt. What do we do with these places? We can pull our noses up for it and put another shiny new building there, but we can also give these places a new function. A function in which the cultural relevance becomes clear.

We have been in a hurry all our lives. Everything has to be done quickly and it has to be finished yesterday. We are no longer present in the moment and our gaze is focused on better and more, which we can not now have by definition. Because of this forward-looking attitude, we are no longer in contact with our environment, our fellow human beings and ourselves. Through this project I want to draw people into the present, show that there is always a process going on but that our perception is on the now that determines how we live. If you manage to settle on these quiet spots, you may also experience some more rest in your daily life.

As soon as more is known about the details of the exhibition, I will post it here. This will probably be halfway through the work period. The picture is part of a study in preparation for the residency.

Later Event: July 28
Artroute Open Stal